All programs, unless otherwise specified, begin at the Fireplace Pavilion, bottom of Luzerne Path. 

April 25          Saturday         10am     Monarch Meadow Milkweed Planting     In celebration of Earth Day, kids of all ages are invited to come out to plant milkweed for monarch IMG_7234butterflies and learn the relationship between these native plants and insects. They will learn about the life cycle of butterflies, along with the migration of the monarch butterfly, and the impact of weather and seasons on this insect.

May 17           Sunday             2pm     Spring Flower and Bird Walk     Spring is the time for brillianIMG_7437t wild-flowers and colorful birds. Bruce Robart, UPJ Professor, and Charlie Voytko will take you on a walk to find these jewels of the park that adorn the branches and forest floor of Stackhouse only during the spring season. Make sure to bring your binoculars! 

May 24            Sunday                  2pm     Macro Photography Workshop    Come and join the Greater Johnstown Camera Club for a Spring Macro Photography event. Learn how to take beautiful photographs of Spring flowers and other things that compose the “small world” that weIMG_7285 often overlook.  A DSLR camera is helpful for this event but not required. Club members will help you to capture that perfect photo of springtime in the park.

June 7           Sunday               2pm     All about Salamanders     Have you ever found a salaIMG_3209v2mander under a rock or log? With names like the Tiger Salamander and Slimy Salamander, Johnstown’s amphibious creatures are fascinating to say the least. Come walk through Stackhouse Park with UPJ biologist Luis Bonachea and get an up close and personal introduction to the salamanders of our area.

 June 14         Sunday               2pm     ‘Leave No Trace’ Awareness Workshop     Participants will receive introductory training in the skills and ethics of ‘Leave No Trace,’ which teach how to enjoy the outdoors responsibly. This is a great educational workshop for those of all ages interested in how to best conserve and preserve our natural resources while visiting, hiking, camping in our local parks.

June 22 – 26   Mon – Fri     1pm – 3pm       SLEP Environmental Day Camp     The Summer Learning Education Program (SLEP) is a wonderful opportunity for 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th graders to study wildlife while on their summer vacation from school. The topics that will be covered are Ornithology, Nature Art, Microscopy, DNA and sense of smell. The cost is free, but is limited to 20 students per day. The program will run from 1:00pm to approximately 3:00 pm each day. Each student or group of students must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Most parents/guardians enjoy attending the different programs with their children. There is always something new to learn each and every day. To sign up for the SLEP programs, contact Bruce Robart at 814-269-2911 or robart@pitt.edu. 

 June 27         Saturday       8am to 4pm      Spring Turkey Clinic     The National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF) & National Rifle Association (NRA) will feature Tom Hindman and Mike Horst. Mary Jo Casalena will present, “What Turkeys Smell and Taste”. This clinic will focus on scouting/hunting tactics, ethics, safety, calling tips, and bow hunting wild turkeys in the classic approach. Bring along your turkey calls for a tune-up. The cost of the clinic is $15 per person and FREE for those under the age of 18. The fee includes the textbooks, materials, and lunch.

June 28         Sunday             2pm     Lizards, Turtles, and Snakes!     Get to see them up close and hear about their unique life styles. IUP biology graduate Erik IMG_3220Vogel will discuss the natural history of these exceptional creatures. You may even get to touch one!


July 12          Sunday           2pm     Tree Identification Walk     Come join John Zelenski to discover the different twigs, shrubs and trees that call Stackhouse Park their home. Remember to wear comfortable walking shoes.

July 19           Sunday             2pm     Introduction to Orienteering      Instruction in reading a detailed topographic map, orienting the map with a compass and then using the map and compass to find control flags placed in the woods. The focus will be on terrain association (matching the map with the land) and having fun exploring the park. Instruction will last about 30 minutes with 60-90 minutes of practice using the newly learned skills. 

August 5       Wednesday      11am       Family Yoga in the Park 

August 9       Sunday                2pm      Smell the Flowers!     Many plants emit pleasant odors or have delightful flavors that make wonderful perfumes and extracts. Other plants just smell bad or have no odor at all. UPJ professor Tim Evans will discuss the chemical nature and demonstrate the processes by which many of these compounds can be concentrated from leaves and flowers to enlighten you sense of smell.

August 12     Wednesday         11am      Family Yoga in the Park 

August 22     Saturday       Annual Member Picnic/Jamboree and 5K & 10K “Run the Park” Registration for the run will begin at 8:00am. The 10K race will start at 9:30 am and the 5K race will start at 10 am. The entry fee for each race is $15.00. All proceeds will be donated to Stackhouse Park’s operating fund.* You choose which one you want to run. Walkers are welcome to participate too. Immediately after the race, the Member Picnic & Jamboree will begin. The Member Picnic is a wonderful opportunity to gather with friends and family for one last get-together before the end of summer. It’s free and open to anyone.* Stackhouse Park is a nonprofit organization. 

August 23         Sunday             2pm     Late Summer Flower Walk     Bruce Robart, UPJ Professor, wIMG_7236ill guide you on a walk to see the wild flowers that have a very short but vibrant blooming period during this time of year.

October 18          Sunday           2pm      Fall Leaves & Wildflowers      Join John Zelensk and BruceIMG_7289 Robart for a stroll through Stackhouse Park during this most colorful time of year as you learn to identify the trees, shrubs, and wild-flowers that splash the park with their multitude of fall colors.